Wednesday, April 04, 2007

LHC is reunited with her cousin!

Lighthouse Coat got the most lovely friend request on MySpace the other day from Chris! Here is what he had to say...

I am Light House Coat's cousin!

I'm still here in Warren, PA. I remember the day Light House Coat was born here a few years ago. Yes... as you have figured out, Light House Coat has several brothers and sisters. Most left the confines of our home on Hickory St. in Warren, PA.

I've enjoyed reading about Light House Coat, and will add a bit about her on my next post at

Regards, Chris

That is so totally awesome! LHC is so awesome and famous and getting reconnected with her roots.

Chris also invited LHC to come back for a visit to Warren to pose with Blair's CEO and him under their landmark clock. She is SO excited!

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