Monday, January 29, 2007

An LHC sighting in Wilmington!

Here is something interesting Megan posted:

Okay. You know how I had fake LHC sighting at work last week? OKAY. Prepare yourself. The one, the only REAL LHC made an appearance on a rather unattractive lady. It was grotesque. I SO wish my camera had been handy, for real.

So, too bad we do not have a picture of this rare and wonderful moment for all to see, but it is quite fun to know there are LHC clones out there, nonetheless!

Friday, January 26, 2007

An LHC you DON'T want to wear

It might be for cleaning old-timey lighthouses, but this looks like prison garb!! That stamp is freaky. We'll get our "efficiency star"s for wearing a proper Lighthouse Coat, thank you very much! Also, enjoy this delightful poem. IT'S BRASSWORK!!

Poser LHCs

Pish-posh ya'll. Check out this mess trying to outshine the beautiful original. Nothing can stand up to's Lighthouse Coat greatness! More poser-ific coats here. Those prices are audacious for such manufacturing! And that last one ain't even a coat. It's a picture shaped like a coat! Shooooot.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

More Career Day with LHC

Tasha and LHC visit the kitchen at Hodges Manor.Mary Ann and LHC prepare dinner drinks for the residents. It should be noted that Mary Ann sincerely likes Lighthouse Coat and thinks that if it were worn with a green shirt, jeans, and black boots it would make the perfect outfit for going out. (And no, she really wasn't joking).
Date: 1/23/07
Location: Hodges Manor Nursing Home :: Richmond, VA

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Megan and Rachel dancing gleefully with LHC!

When requesting a caption from Megan:
"I don't know a caption, I suck at them. Erm. Megan and Rachel dancing gleefully in the aura of LHC. Or something."

Wilmington, NC
Date: January something, 2007

LHC is sexy

Lighthouse Coat makes a sexy addition to Kathryn's pole-dancing routine:
Date: 1/16/07
Location: Amelia, VA

LHC = Most Stunning

LHC is definitely the most stunning and fabulous coat on the rack:
Date: 1/16/07
Location: Amelia, VA

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Career Day with LHC

LHC enjoyed a fascinating career day at the Hodges Manor Nursing Home...
Nicole, a.k.a. Miss Charmin Jr., fits right in with the nursing home residents featuring a (first time ever) tucked in LHC with high-water pants.
LHC (modeled by the lovely Kathryn) and walker make an excellent combination as they are both ancient items.
LHC tries her hand at nursing but leaves Pierre quite puzzled.Carletha and LHC are pimping at the nursing home.LHC might be just the thing to kick off the modeling career Tyeta always dreamed of.
Mary attempts the fabulous shape of a lighthouse. Check out that light source. Very realistic! And nice display of the back of LHC. Magnifique!

Date: 1/16/07
Location: Hodges Manor Nursing Home :: Richmond, VA

A Lovely Lighthouse Review

Mad props to JudyK and her 54, count them, 54 reviews including one for Lighthouse Coat. See ya'll? JudyK and her knowledgable Momma get it. LHC is absolutely fabulous! Click on the small pics below for a larger and more readable version or simply click here.Also, check out the description for LHC... *snort!*

Monday, January 15, 2007

Actual lighthouse shout-out!

Check out the beauty!! No, not the sunset... the LIGHTHOUSE!
Photographer: Caroline
Location: Wilmington, NC

LHC lends a hand, coat

Poor, lonely sower man. Tis winter and you should wear more than a thin 3/4 sleeved shirt. LHC to the rescue with her stylish warmth. Now, if only there were matching lighthouse gloves for your frozen hands.

Model: Sower? One of the Dukes? Johnny Appleseed?
Location: East Campus, Duke University

LHC eats like a King

Erm, uh, Queen. Apparently King's Sandwich Shop is a "staple" in Durham. If run-down is a staple, LHC highly agrees wit dat:

LHC does a Golf Course

Here she is at Hillandale ready to "Do a Golf Course."Ow Owwwww! YEA baybee swing that club!!!Ahh, yes. Cat-call satisfaction.

Model: Cristin
Location: Hillandale Golf Course :: Durham, NC

Sunday, January 14, 2007

LHC is on MySpace!

Lighthouse Coat now has a lovely MySpace profile. Check her out anytime and request her friendship!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Another LHC Commemorative T-Shirt

My LightHouse Coat Commemorative T-Shirt.
Another Color option displayed for all you participants...
Date: 1/6/2007
Location: Medina, MN

Thursday, January 04, 2007

OH NO! LHC is broke!

Model: Ivey on some pretty nice wheels (only pretending to be a bum, don't worry!)
Date: 1/3/07
Location: Wilmington, NC

LHC enjoys a night at the movies

P.D. and LHC serve customers at the Carmike 16 theater:So do Olivia and LHC:
This Carmike patron was so delighted with the beauty of LHC that she just had to try it on:
Date: 1/3/07

Location: Carmike 16 in Wilmington, NC

Accessorizing your LHC


Model: Rachel
Date: 1/3/07
Location: Wilmington, NC

Making a run for the border with LHC

These two lovely Taco Bell employees are thinking inside the coat:
Date: 1/3/07
Location: Taco Bell on Market Street in Wilmington, NC

LHC digs on some musak

With this delightful Gravity Records employee:

Date: 1/3/07
Location: Gravity Records in Wilmington, NC

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

LHC reminds you to keep Christ in Christmas

Though rather late, tis the reason for the season ya'll:
Uncle Jheri hangs with proud new (mortal) dad Joseph:A lighthouse coat is so much more fasionable than swaddling clothes, puh-lease.
Weakened by his killer style, Megan couldn't resist getting freaky on this wiseman:
(The white coat on the gentleman in the foreground is just not cool enough for this lady.)

Date: 1/3/07
Location: Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Southport, NC

LHC visits an actual lighthouse!

Megan can barely hold in her anticipation of arriving at a real lighthouse while wearing LHC...
Here they arrrrre (Oak Island Lighthouse in the background... LOL! That link totally goes to! wtf? I thought we were crazy!):
See! A lighthouse coat and a LIGHTHOUSE!!!!
And the sign totally reads "lighthouse" and there are totally lighthouses on the coat!:Date: The wee hours of the morning on 1/3/07
Location: Oak Island, NC
Model: The lovely Megan

Look at meeeee!!

I quite enjoy my hilarious and comfortable Christmas present from J-ME. A beautious garment such as this can be yours too! Just email LHC with you address, shirt size and shirt color preference.

Only catch: You must have modeled Lighthouse Coat and submitted your pictures for the blog.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

LHC enjoys a cozy night in

Though she still appears rather hungover from her night of New Year's partying. Nothing relaxing and watching some tube with Alicia and Jheri won't cure...
Date: 1/1/07
Location: Wilmington, NC

Ringing in the New Year with LHC

And bringing it in in style! Megan is so appropriately clad:And oh-so festive:
LHC is good for thuggin' too:
LHC also unites lovers, Jheri and Alicia, in the most fashionable way:Should he or shouldn't he?:Ahh, yes. That's better. Jheri looks rather dashing as he mounts the tree in the spirit of New Year's Eve:
Date: 12/31/06
Location: Wilmington, NC