Tuesday, April 17, 2007

LHC is space age

LHC had to pose next to the R2D2 mailbox:

Location: Washington, DC
Model: Laura

LHC makes a soldier friend

Location: Washington, DC
Model: Laura

LHC will nurse your wounds

In front of the Red Cross Headquarters:

Location: Washington, DC
Model: Laura

LHC in disguise

LHC and Laura found this mask in the park and thought it made a great addition to the group:

Location: Washington, DC
Model: Laura

LHC at the White House

Light House meets the White House. (If you look closely Bush is standing on the balcony waving.)

Location: Washinton, DC
Model: Laura

George Washington couldn't tell a lie. Especially not on LHC.

This is how big the Washington Monument is from the Lincoln Memorial.
Miss Amber graciously shows size comparison and hangs LHC on the Washington Memorial (from the National Mall):

Standing at the Washington Monument looking at the White House:

Location: Washington, DC
Models: Amber, Laura

LHC and Honest Abe

Even at the Lincoln Memorial LHC got noticed:

Location: Washington, DC
Model: Laura

Thomas Jefferson has two beautiful fans

On the Steps of the Jefferson Memorial:

Location: Washington, DC
Model: Laura

LHC enjoyed the Cherry Blossom Festival

LHC posed for a picture with one of the beautiful Cherry Trees.
LHC enjoyed her quiet time by the waterfront enjoying the Cherry Blossoms at the National Cherry Blossom Festival across from the Jefferson Memorial.

Location: Washington, DC

LHC goes to our nation's Capital Building

Laura was able to take LHC to the Nation's Capital Building:

Location: The National Mall in Washington, DC
Model: Laura

LHC visits the WWII Memorial

We had to give a shout out to the California area in the WWII Memorial. (Only because that is where Laura is from.)

The Maryland WWII pose:

An LHC shout out to North Carolina at the WWII Memorial:

Location: Washington, DC
Model: Laura

Mrs. LHC goes to Washington

Well my time with LHC was very joyous. I took her down to DC on two separate weekends; both times it ended up raining. I was very afraid of asking strangers to wear her or pose with her, with fears they might run off with her. My biggest fear was the infamous DC bums, there was no way I was going to get her back with the weather we were having, if they got their hands on her. With it raining both times she came in handy, I was able to put on my rain coat and wear LHC over that during picturesque moments, she was so big, she came down mid thigh on me. I did get those weird looks that everyone has been talking about on the blog, as I walk by, some people would check out the coat, and try not to show expression.

This is as close as they would allow “Us” to get to the Statue of Alexander Hamilton, the first Secretary of the Treasury of the United States , outside the US Treasury Building.

Location: Washington, DC
Model: Laura

Friday, April 06, 2007

LaLa's shout-out

Dang if this isn't the most torturous wait for LHC pics ever. Laura has them but she won't share until she's completely done! Well, she has given us the tantalizing tidbit to the right and she blogged a nice little LHC shout-out on her MySpace blog today...

My new picture is of a wadded up garment above the Maryland sign at the WWII memorial in Washington D.C. This picture really has a lot more meaning behind it than you may think. Below is a little story about a coat on an adventure accross time and friends. I also provided the links to other areas where you may find out more about what is going on:

The Junket of Lighthouse Coat

Lighthouse Coat is a beautiful outerwear garment that was for sale at www.blair.com during the years of 2005 and 2006. It was given to a friend who did not desire it (for completely unknown reasons) and we decided to pass it along to others to enjoy as a temporary gag gift.



Check it Out!!!

Thanks, Laura! Can't wait to see your LHC pics soon!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The Sisterhood of the Travelling LHC!

UPDATE: Chris has blogged us over at the Blair.com Affiliates Blog. Thank you, Chris! And thank you, LHC! We love you!!...

LHC is reunited with her cousin!

Lighthouse Coat got the most lovely friend request on MySpace the other day from Chris! Here is what he had to say...

I am Light House Coat's cousin!

I'm still here in Warren, PA. I remember the day Light House Coat was born here a few years ago. Yes... as you have figured out, Light House Coat has several brothers and sisters. Most left the confines of our home on Hickory St. in Warren, PA.

I've enjoyed reading about Light House Coat, and will add a bit about her on my next post at

Regards, Chris

That is so totally awesome! LHC is so awesome and famous and getting reconnected with her roots.

Chris also invited LHC to come back for a visit to Warren to pose with Blair's CEO and him under their landmark clock. She is SO excited!