Saturday, December 23, 2006

LHC goes to skool

And she hates Riverside High School just as much as we do! I do not recall that nerdy slogan "Roll Pirates Roll"... Perhaps that is a good thing. And update ur sign cuz I totally took this picture in December.
And here we are exploring Jamie's and my hiding place during skippage from a 9th grade Foreign Language Fair. Unfortunately, the Mookie (Stinks like cat piss) white-out graffiti is no more. It was in the general area toward which we are pointing. We are saddened that it did not withstand the elements and years. However, true to form, the random broken chairs and litter remain.

Date: 12/3/06
Location: Riverside High School :: Durham, NC
Model: Cristin

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Megan said...

OKAY, I would just like to say that "Roll Pirates Roll" was part of my fabulous Riverside generation. They plastered it all over our planners. Clearly, pirates roll.