Wednesday, December 06, 2006

LHC goes to the Menage

But not the Menage as we knew it. Back in the day, it was the lovely Dunkin' Donuts/Subway/Baskin Robbins. Now it is Coffee World*/Subway/Ice Cream Club**. lmao! Why this change? There is a helpful sign posted to inform you:This is an example of Coffee World's greatness that pushed out Dunkins. Dig the laser print labels:And here is LHC, outraged by the use of Krispy Kremes in this once lovely establishment:Here is Ice Cream Club. Man, if that's not the most inspired name LHC doesn't know anything:However, I made a trip to the ladies' room and found something familiar! The employees still use the area by the bathrooms for storing the boxes of chips! And they still leave them open as if inviting patrons to help themselves. Ahh, at least something is still right with the Menage:And here are me and LHC. Totally bummed that this trip down memory lane was a bust. I did buy donuts though:
Date: 12/3/06
Location: Corner of Guess and Horton :: Durham, NC

*I'm only assuming that's the link
** That one too

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