Monday, March 12, 2007

LHC Goes Clubbing -- Part 2 (finally)

Step 1: Take LHC along with you to any local club.

Step 2: Act interested in random gentlemen at said club and watch them do anything. Including wearing LHC.

Step 3: Enjoy the photo-taking that ensues.
Jamie had to convince this guy LHC is cool. He begrudgingly put it on much to Jamie's amusement...This fellow was exceptionally proud of his time with LHC. He didn't even mind that she was inside out...
No comment. Except that the diagonal stripes along his buttons look hysterical against the vertical stripes everywhere else...
This man scares us in many ways:
And his cheese-irific friend...And his other less scary friend...And Jamie even met Tom Green!!
Date: 2/16/07
Location: Graves 601
Models: Jamie, Cristin, random gents and jealous ladies in the b-ground

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